I'm honored to have received these recommendations from clients. Thank you all.

Sue S.
“Em provides a very professional service and creates wonderful cards for all occasions. As well as creating unique designs responding to each person's requirements, Em has a very special talent in creating the verses.”

Shaun F.
“Em does an outstanding job with her one-of-a-kind, handmade cards. She makes cards for all occasions and each one is a gift in itself. The cards are absolutely beautiful and must be seen; pictures alone will not convey the intricate detail and, sometimes, 3-D designs. If you have a very special person or occasion and want a *very* special greeting card, contact Em. She does fabulous work at a reasonable price.”

Spencer G.
“Em designed five very special products for me that are now treasured family mementos. Her work was not only unique in design but it was also first rate! She spent the time with me to create what I truly wanted and delivered on every promise. She is truly a "people person" who knows how to deliver what the client wants and needs. I will do more business with her in the future and recommend her unwaveringly to anyone! If you want something special... Em is who you want to do business with.”

Mike S.
“Em's cards, have become a welcomed staple to our family's special occasions. Em makes true works of art. Hire Em, and skip the "Greeting Card" Aisle at your local store. Great product, Highly recommended.”

Tami D.
“Em is a masterful creator and elegant designer. She understands the importance of personal touches and eloquently executes them within the poetry of the sentiment. I highly recommend Em's work.”

Bren D.
Em is super creative & extremely professional & I highly recommend her in whatever she sets out to achieve in business & personal life."

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