June 5, 2013

Creative Em on Facebook

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I'd like to thank y'all for your patience during the transfer process. I'm very happy to tell you, if you've not already seen it, that I now have a Creative Em Facebook page, which you'll be taken to if you click the link. The image below is the current cover photo for the page and will be the first of many :)

The cover features a couple of my favorite photos, as well as a collage that I love too. All of these and many more are available for purchase and you'll see a selection on the Facebook page. In the coming days I will be adding a selection of handmade greetings cards, all of which can be fully personalized and are made to your exact requirements.

Please email inquiries to info (at) creative-em (dot) com (the addy is written that way here on the blog so it isn't picked up by spam bots). You can also send inquiries via the Facebook page by clicking the "Message" button on that page.

Thanks again for your patience,


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  1. Oh I love your home Em and is so nice to see you back!!! I am so happy you have a Facebook page and I am off to check it out and of course like it.. great photo above!! Big hugs


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