September 2, 2013

Monday Musings - A little bit of everything

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first Monday Musings post in about six weeks! If you're new to my site, you can read all other posts in the series here. Because of the break caused by my summer vacation, today's Musings are a little bit of everything.

For those in the US, today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, but for me and my family, today, September 2, has so much more meaning. Today marks the thirty seventh anniversary of my beloved Granddad's passing. I know my guardian angel is always with me, and that is some comfort, not only to me, but my Gram too. The pic below was taken of them just a few months before he passed.

Since I got back on Thursday afternoon, I feel like I've not stopped! What with catching up with mail, phone calls, laundry and other chores. Whew! I HAVE found time to start thinking about work again and I'll be back in the studio in the morning, after an appointment with my optometrist. I CAN'T wait to get in there and play with some new stamps I got while I was with my sister. Yay :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what I've created.


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