July 24, 2014

A note of thanks

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by today and for all your comments, I'm honored to have you here.

If you follow my Facebook page, you might be aware that earlier this week I had workmen in to renew my heating. They were in until Tuesday afternoon and you can imagine the mess they left! Ugh! I'm still trying to get my studio back to how I want it, but I have managed to get some crafty time. One project is still very much a work in progress and I've also gotten a few cards created, I've just not had time to photograph them yet. Boo!

I promise I'll get a creative post up tomorrow and will get back to your blogs too. I miss my bloggy friends! Thanks again for everything, including your patience during what has been a crazy, upside down week for me.

When the studio is FINALLY organized I might be brave enough to share some pix of it. Perhaps we should do a "Creative space" link up? If you'd be interested in sharing pix of yours, let me know in the comments.

Em x


  1. No worries, these things happen, I know what you mean though.
    Linda xxx

  2. At lest you'll be nice and cosy when winter time comes lol Look forward to hearing from you when your'e able, take care x

  3. No problem!
    I will look forward to seeing your studio and would be willing to show part of mine. I have shown parts before but there is always some areas that are revamped and changed!


I love to read your comments. Thanks for taking time to leave them!

Em xxx