November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Suite #4 And A Message

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and for all your wonderful comments. It's an honor to have you here and I truly do appreciate each of you more than you know!

The card I'm sharing with you today is the penultimate project in my Thanksgiving Suite for this year and I wish that I was able to create one for each of you!

On this very special holiday, I'd like to share something very special with you. Many of you have followed my blog for quite some time, long before I joined Stampin' Up! in August, but here's a look into my creative journey and one of the things I'm so grateful for today...

I first started card making/ paper crafting almost nine years ago, although I've always been creative. At that time I helped my friend, who was also my bridesmaid, complete my wedding stationery. I then created my own album after the wedding.

Soon after I bought a card making starter kit from a high street store. It included stamps and I was quickly hooked, although at that point if you'd asked me who or what Stampin' Up! were, I wouldn't have had a clue! Friends who saw my creations placed orders with me and I quickly developed my own style. It is now what is known as CAS, but again, if you'd have said that to me then, I would have looked at you funny! LOL.

Around six years ago a friend helped me set up my first website, it was basic with very little functionality and no blog capacity, so most of my interaction was done via the Facebook page I'd set up. Soon after I discovered blogs and started following a few crafty ones. I loved the way it made interaction possible, so I persuaded my friend to add a blog to my site.

I truly can't remember when I first came across Stampin' Up! but it's truly as long ago as I care to remember and I can tell you who it was, France Martin. Through her posts "Frenchie" had me hooked, although because of circumstance, I admired the goodies from a distance.

Card making has kept me going through years of ill health and around 18 months ago I purchased my current website, and took total control over the site.

Earlier this year I found Vicky Hayes' blog and the more I read the more I fell in love with the products. Having remained totally independent in regards to my creativity, and with my health considerably improved, I decided to take the next step and join Stampin' Up!

I took a deep breath and called Vicky for the first time in mid June. We hit it off immediately and although I explained I wasn't at that point in a position to order my starter kit, Vicky said that whenever I was ready, she would help. We exchanged regular emails and then the day finally came.

On August 15, 2014 I joined a company who I can wholeheartedly say are the BEST. I'm still a newbie, and although we're "Independent Demonstrators", there's nothing lonely or frightening about it. I know that Vicky is always there for me and indeed so are our wider "Pinkie" group of Demos.

When I joined SU, I had a feeling that it was the right thing to do. But what I didn't know is just how amazing it would be. How supportive everyone is and how nothing is too much trouble, no question is "silly". I can take everything at my pace and I look forward to sharing my creativity and love for our products with clients and inspiring them as I grow my business.

I've not yet met any of the other Pinkies in person (I'm looking forward to that next year), but each and every one of them has a special place in my heart. Pinkies and indeed SU ROCK! I'm so grateful to have the support as I begin a new chapter in my life.


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  1. Congrats Em! That's quite a story ams a nice card to go with it. We enjoy watching your journey. Have a merry Christmas season.


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