September 11, 2015

9/11 Remembered

Hi everyone,

It barely seems possible that the day, indeed the hour and 17 minutes, that changed the world forever, 9/11/2001, was 14 years ago now. I, like everyone else, will always, always remember where I was as the news came through that American Airlines Flight 11, bound for Los Angeles, had crashed into North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York at 8:46am

I was visiting friends and we clung to each other in stunned silence as we saw United Airlines Flight 175, also bound for LAX, flown into the Trade Center's South Tower at 9:03am.

All of us, each and every one, were soon quietly sobbing, with many around the world, as we watched the horror unfold in New York. Then in Washington, where American Airlines Flight 77, again bound for LAX, was flown into the Pentagon at 9:37am. Then in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the passengers on board United Airlines Flight 93, bound for San Francisco, overpowered the hijackers and the aircraft crashed at 10:03am.

The world as we knew it changed forever.

The world was and IS united in grief for the 2,977 innocents lost that day and the THOUSANDS of servicemen and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice since in the fight against terror.

We will NEVER forget.

God bless America. God bless ALL of us.

Hold your loved ones tight and please, PLEASE, every chance you get, tell them how much you love them.

Readers and friends, I treasure each of you, and yes, I love you! Whatever you're doing this weekend, have a great one. I'll be back on Monday with another creation, so I hope you'll join me then.


  1. Yes Em, you are right we will never forget that tragic day. Love and hugs Jennifer xx

  2. Thank you, Em. Lovely post and definitely treasure our loved ones and be grateful to willing to serve in all forms of service for our countries, our cities, our towns...Have a good weekend.

  3. You're right Em, I don't thing anyone will ever forget this day!
    You, too, have a lovely weekend with your loved ones.
    Lena’s Creations

  4. Hi Em thank you for the reminder. We should never forget, Hugs Jackie

  5. So true Em .... We Should Never Forget ...
    Hugs Donna xx


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Em xxx