November 18, 2015

EPB Luminary Pictorial

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Have you realized how much I'm in love with the EPB? While creating my coffee pot, I thought how I could further adapt it for other uses, and I quickly came up with the idea for a luminary. Here's what you'll need...

Card: Tempting Turquoise measuring 9½" x 8¼" and 3 pieces of Vellum measuring 2 3/4" x 4"
Tools and embellishments: Envelope Punch Board, Simply Scored and stylus, Delicate Ornaments Thinlits, Magnetic Platform OR low tack tape
Adhesives: Sticky Strip (retired) or Tombow

Score the long side of the card at 1½", 3", 4½", 6", 7½" and 9"

Turn and score on the short side at 1½" and 6"

Fold and burnish all score lines and use your EPB to punch along the 1½" score line

Fold the top score line back down and using your Magnetic Platform. CAREFULLY line the card and die up, then cut

Repeat above until you have cut 3 ornaments. Unfold the top piece and notch in

Flip the card over and attach the Vellum pieces over the apertures. I used Sticky Strip, but you could use Tombow or another wet glue

Bring the top section back down and CAREFULLY, using only your fingers, reinforce the score lines along the middle of the ornaments

Attach tape to the back

And the front

Fold and secure the top section and short side to form the hexagon

What? You can't leave us like that!!! It's not finished!?! Yep, you're right, it's not quite finished, but you'll have to wait until Friday for part two. I know, I'm sorry, but it will be worth the wait. I promise!

To ease the pain a bit, here's what NOT to do when cutting the apertures...

Yep, I didn't line it up properly and it caught on the side of the Big Shot. Oops!!!

Until Friday,


  1. Love this and can't wait to see what comes next. Quick question....what kind of lights or candles are recommended for this?

  2. Looking forward to the next instalment. Great pictorial.
    Linda xxx

  3. Great project Em, cannot wait to see the finished article. Great instructions. Hugs Jennifer xx


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