December 3, 2015

Basic Concertina Album Pictorial

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Back in September I shared pix of the album I created for my nephew Daniel, and I've been meaning to share a pictorial since then. Well, all good things come to those who wait and today's the day! Grin.

By its nature this project uses a LOT of card, both for the base, which is what I'm sharing today and for the other elements, some of which I'll share with you on Monday. The amount depends on how many pages you want in your album. Today's example uses 9 sheets for the pages, plus another for the cover...

Card: 5" x card length for all except ONE of the pages, so 8 in this case. 5" x 10" piece for the last page and 5" x 11" for the cover
Tools: Simply Scored and stylus
Adhesives: Tombow OR other wet glue. You COULD use tape, but having wriggle room is better.

Score the full length pieces at 5" and 10"

Fold and burnish each to create a V shape

Make sure all your pieces are facing the same way. Using your Simply Scored to help keep everything square, apply glue to the flap and attach the next page

Finish with the folded and burnished 10" long piece and you'll have something like this

Score the 11" long piece at 5" and 6". Yep, I know the score lines look closer and you'd be right. This one measured 10½" and needed surgery because I'd underestimated the thickness! Add glue to the right square

Again using your Simply Scored to help keep things lined up, attach the pages so that the tabs are next to the spine and the last page folds out to the right

Here you can see the tabs

So far everything fits nicely into the spine. Yep, it wouldn't stay that way, but it's an easy enough fix

Whatever you're doing this weekend, have a great one. I'll be back on Monday with examples of some of the pages and a pictorial, so I hope you'll join me then.


  1. I really need to follow you on this one because I like the way the spine is looking already. In the past, I have tried to do the one with the hidden hinge and it cracked and messed up all of my designer paper.

  2. Fabulous album tutorial Em. Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. Great tutorial thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx


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