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I've always been creative and have great memories of art lessons and the early pieces I created during my first years at school. During my later school years, my writing skills developed and I'm blessed to be able to write in a variety of formats, from verses to journal-like pieces and longer works; indeed I'm slowly working on a number of manuscripts.

I enjoy all aspects of paper crafting, from card making to creating gifts and 3D products. However, the creation of the item isn't what's really important to me, because even though I put so much of myself into everything I create, I get so much more enjoyment from the reaction of both clients/ senders and the recipient of the the card or gift. That's what it's all about for me and I'm so fortunate to have made what was a favorite hobby into my full time work with Stampin' Up! 

I also really enjoy photography and often combine it with another of my hobbies, hiking. I've been known to take over three hundred photos during a single day and while I'm out my camera is rarely out of my hands. 

Following an extended period when my health wasn't great I'm slowly regaining my physical fitness. As part of that, I began training for a charity swim-based challenge that will raise funds for military charities, which I'm passionate about. Unfortunately due to an injury I've been carrying since early in my training, I've had to postpone the challenge itself to an as yet unscheduled date in 2015. You can read about my reasons behind the challenge, which I'm still focused on and indeed about my previous challenge in aid of the military on my Battling Back blog. I will also be posting periodic updates on my recovery and rehab from the injury there too.

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  1. Em, I really like all your art, have been longing to find a one day photography course just to help me in that area, and like you like you I put myself into each thing I create/make. Did you ever receive my message on your FB page? Blessings, Carole


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