June 24, 2013

Monday Musings - Summer, what summer!

Hi everyone,

Last Friday, here in the northern hemisphere, saw this year's summer solstice, the first official day of summer, though most of us wouldn't have known without looking at a calendar, because the weather this year has been so crazy! Here, the sun shone for maybe a couple hours around noon, after struggling through the grey clouds. The only real indication of the season so far has been the heavy, humid air and the related sinus discomfort. As I write this, that discomfort has been replaced by a heavy summer cold that has me feeling like I've gone 12 rounds with the great Mohammed Ali. So apologies for this being a relatively short post.

The image below, of Stonehenge in the UK at sunrise on the summer solstice is credited to Stonehenge: Hele and Station Stones.

I'll be back, hopefully feeling better, later this week.


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