July 1, 2013

Monday Musings - July 4th

Hi everyone,

Before we get started with this week's Monday Musings topic, I'll just give you a quick note about some housekeeping I've done here on the blog. A few of you have commented that links in the posts have not been easy to find, so I've now changed the color of them to light grey, so they are much easier to find. I hope this helps.

Ok, now that's been dealt with, let's get into Musing...

This coming Thursday, July 4th, is a very important holiday for me. Some people may wonder why, as someone based in the UK, I celebrate American Independence from the country of my birth? The answer to that question can, in part, be found in a previous Musings post, the first in the series, Introducing me. If you've read that, you'll know that I feel more American than British and I sound it too! What I didn't say, in so many words, in that post, is that life for me prior to the time zone switch had been rough, very rough, emotionally. The decision was one that changed my life, so much, for the better. Just days after making the switch, I celebrated my first July 4th as an adopted American.

The day holds so much importance for me, because I'm not only celebrating Americas's Independence, but MINE too, I celebrate taking control of my life.

Before concluding this post, I want to share what I think, beside The Star Spangled Banner, is one of the most patriotic songs, God bless the USA!


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