February 28, 2014

Computer card ~ how to

Hi everyone,

My sweet friend Naomi, from Creative Bug on the Loose left a comment on yesterday's post Treble birthday, asking how I created the computer card featured in the post. While I can't, for now, post step by step pictures of how I did it, I'll do my best to give you as full a tutorial as possible. If, or more likely when, the same design is used for another card, I'll try and remember to take photos as it's created and post a complete tutorial then.

This is how the card looks when it's closed...

1. As soon as the idea formed in my mind that I wanted to create the card and knowing it would be impossible for me to accurately recreate a keyboard, I did a Google image search for computer keyboard. Looking through them, I found the image I wanted, with a gray background to the keys. I downloaded it and then printed it using the 5"x7" size (the keyboard is be around half the height), printing 2 copies in case I made a mistake.

2. I took a letter/ A4 size piece of white card and folded it in half, to form the base, knowing it would need trimming during the next step.

3. I cut the keyboard out and measured it. I then used the length, around 6-1/2", to work out how wide the base card would need to be. Leaving a small border around it, I cut the white card to about 7-3/4" on the long side and then scored and folded the top piece in half to form the top of the easel. All corners were then rounded using my corner rounder punch

4. From another letter/A4 size piece of card, this time a light gray and white, which I thought would be appropriate for the main computer, I cut a piece for the monitor, approx 5" deep and the same width as the base card, then rounded the corners.

5. I cut a piece of black card to the same size as the gray, to be used as the screen, again rounding the corners.

6. Here's where it got tricky! My first idea was to cut a frame from the gray and white, and pop it up on the black card using foam dimensionals. Leaving a border of 5/8'' on all sides, I used my craft knife to cut the frame. But I unintentionally didn't cut right through the card and when I tried to do so, it ripped the card. Boo!

7. Instead, I trimmed the black card to the size I wanted and then cut another monitor sized piece from gray and white. Not wanting the screen to be too far from the frame, I used double sided tape instead of dimensionals to attach it.

8. Using gold peel offs, I added the happy birthday Adam, the party hats and star to the screen to complete it.

9. From more silver and white card, I cut a piece the same size as the inside of the card, again rounding the corners, then attached it with double sided tape.

10. To complete the card, I popped the keyboard up with more foam dimensionals, and added it to the bottom edge of the inside. This meant that when the easel was opened, the monitor would rest at an angle, just as a real one does.

The card open...

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out despite the slight disappointment of having to change the monitor and screen around. When the design is made again, I'll remember to press harder with the craft knife so it can look more realistic.

I hope I've explained everything clearly. If you've any questions, please leave a comment.


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