February 27, 2014

Treble birthday

Hi everyone,

In my post on Monday, I mentioned that one of my clients, Gayle, had commissioned a lot of cards from me. I'm now able to reveal the first three of them! Yay!

Firstly, for Sophia, who loves playing frisbee. Gayle asked if I could add one to the card, but I took that one step further and created the card as a frisbee! It's an easel card, but I forgot to take a photo of it open. Oops! It was Sophia's birthday a few days ago, so belated birthday wishes go to her from me today.

Next up is a card for Lesley, Gayle's Mom, who celebrates her 70th birthday today. The style of card is one that you'll recognize from some of my recent posts, because it's a current favorite of mine. Happy birthday Lesley!

Last for today but by no means least, is quirky card for Adam, Gayle's nephew who also celebrates his birthday today. Gayle mentioned that he is a computer geek, so, it immediately gave me the idea for his card. It's another easel card and this time I did remember to take a photo of it open! Happy birthday Adam!

I'd love to know what you think of all of the designs, please leave a comment. Thanks!



  1. Wow Em, what fabulous cards and the ideas behind them are just BRILLIANT!!!!! Totally love the computer and frisbee idea... how in the world did you do the computer??? Come on tell us!!! lol

    Have a fantastic day my friend!!!

  2. These are all so wonderful. Love the keyboard card!! TFS


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Em xxx