August 10, 2014

Dr. William L. Graham ~ Dad

Hi everyone,

On behalf of Dad's beloved family and myself, thank you ALL for all your comments and condolences. They really do mean so much to us all at this very difficult time. We lost Dad's older sister, Janice, just two days before Dad, on August 7, so this is an unimaginably difficult time for us all.

Each and every message received will be added to a book of condolence that I'll create for the family. Can I ask those of you who have already left messages to please leave another comment mentioning your location, because I'd like to add those to the book too.

I'll share the full eulogy I've written for Dad when I've shared it with the family and or on the day of his funeral services, the arrangements for which I'll share when they're announced publicly. But for now I'll tell you about who he was, what made him a hero, not only to his beloved wife and family, but to me and everyone whose lives he touched.

Born in Oakland, Maryland, his love of horses began at a very young age and continued throughout his life, he loved going and watching the races. Dad's strength, determination and love of his country, my beloved America, shone through when he joined the US Navy on Pearl Harbor Day, Sunday, December 9, 1941. His parents, Spencer and Maggie had to sign his papers because he was only a minor, he was so determined that he wanted to serve his country.

After the war ended, he settled in Morgantown, West Virginia and attended West Virginia University where he studied dentistry and gained his Doctorate. He would later serve as Professor Emeritus and Associate Dean of the WVU Dental School. The family have a long association with WVU and indeed his son, my best friend Spence, still works there. When Spence graduated a second time from the university in 2002, Dr Graham, although retired by then, was given the honor of hooding him.

Dad has served on many committees, boards and has literally through the various positions he's held throughout his life, touched the lives of possibly millions of others. Many of whom, like me, refer to him and love him as if he were our biological father. I'm so honored, so blessed and so proud to be his honorary daughter.

This time last year he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 12 months to live. He showed then the determination, strength and love for his family that he's always shown. He fought his battle courageously, staying at home with his family until his very last breath yesterday morning at 5:55 am, when his Lord and Savior called him home.

Dad is my hero, he's my inspiration and I know that he's forever by my side, just as he has been for the last 5 years since I got to know him and his wonderful family. Thank you once again for helping me to honor a great man, a true American patriot, a true American hero.

I love you Daddy, now and always.

Em x


  1. I would like to add my condolences to those that have already done so. I have been checking my blog for updates and this post was at the top and the first in line for me to see. I am a born again Christian and firmly believe Bill is in good hands now. I celebrate that he is now where sorrow is no more. I will still keep all who were close to him and feel his absence in the prayer I say daily. Blessings and peace to you and all of his family.


    I live in SE Pennsylvania.

  2. Oh Em - crying again here for the loss of a wonderful man and also the pain you will all surely be going through. Please know you're in the hearts of many who read this and don't actually stop to leave a comment - so many of people have really sad crosses to bear in this life and they can't always add another although that doesn't mean they do not care..

    Again, much love, Di (Hampshire, UK) xxx

  3. Such a beautiful eulogy for a man who was much loved by you all. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  4. Big hug Em, and thanks for sharing with us!

  5. So sorry to hear about this time of sorrow for you and your family. Prayers being sent your way. Thank you for sharing the life of this extraordinary man.
    Pearland, Texas

  6. Hello Em

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, sending lots of hugs to you.

  7. I am truly sorry for your loss, my heartfelt sympathy to you all. May God comfort you and give you peace during this difficult time!

    "There is nothing, no circumstance, no trouble, no testing that can ever touch me until, first of all, it has come past God and past Christ, right through to me. If it has come that far, it has come with a great purpose."
    Alan Redpath

    Virginia, USA

    Em, how sweet of you, so very kind and heart warming...thank you!

    sparkle & shine *~*


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Em xxx