August 15, 2014

Thanks again everyone!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to stop by quickly and once again thank all of you for your messages, thoughts, prayers and hugs. Each is very much appreciated by us all at what is a very difficult time and they truly do mean so much to us.

I've totally focused on the family this week, compiling, transcribing and creating the book of condolence. I'll share some images of it at some point.

Thanks again,
Em x


  1. Em, I'm very sorry to hear the news about Dad Bill. Your writing is poignant and loving. What a blessing you are to the family! Hugs, Darnell

  2. I do understand your loss EM. I lost my mother to Cancer in 2001, My father to cancer in 2002, my foster brother in in an accident in 2002. and my step father in 2003. You are a blessing to your family. I do pray for all of you nightly. Hugs and blessings. Jim

  3. Prayers said here fo your loss! Look forward to seeing the book at a later date.


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Em xxx