August 26, 2014

Wow, wow, wow!!!

Hi everyone,

This is the first time I've seen my website since I handed control to my amazingly talented friend Naomi from Creative Bug on the Loose for the revamp and I'm truly lost for words! Wow, wow, wow!!!

Thank you isn't enough, but I'll say it anyway... THANK YOU SWEETHEART! Not only for this amazing, stunning makeover of my site, one of the best birthday gifts I've EVER had, but also for your support during what has been a very difficult time! I love you so much! While you've been working on the site, I've been working on my own surprise for you and although that isn't ready yet, it will be soon and I'm sorry, but there won't be any sneaky peeks for you as you've shown me lol!

While I've been away from the site I've been getting back into the studio and will be sharing some of my creations with you soon, as well as sharing pix of Dad's book of condolence. Thanks again for ALL your support, prayers and hugs during what has been a very difficult time. Each of you means so much to me!

Now Naomi's joined me here, I'm not letting her go! She's stuck with me and will hopefully be posting occasionally, not that she knows it yet! We'd LOVE to know what you think of the new site, so please do let us know by leaving a comment. I'd also like you to please stop by her Facebook page and leave her some love, telling her I sent you :)

My birthday has barely begun, but already it's the BEST ever! To celebrate, grab yourself a slice of cake...



  1. What a fantastic revamp Em - I love it! It definitely is the perfect birthday present! Looking forward to seeing all your exciting new creations! Vicky x

  2. Hi Em, this looks brilliant! Love the cake too! Have a wonderful birthday xxxx
    Linda xxx

  3. Hello Em

    Wow, and double Wow what a clever friend you have, and such a brilliant Birthday present.
    Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

    Enjoy your birthday.


  4. This looks fabulous Em. I could just eat a slice of that cake! Have a wonderful day xx Jan

  5. this looks delicious Em and it looks beautiful.
    Gr Karin

  6. First off, Happy Birthday. Great revamp of the web site too. - Jim

  7. Fabulous new look - love your cake too - happy birthday!!

  8. Great way to start a birthday :) and what a delicious looking cake! :)

  9. The revamp looks amazing! Great job done by your friend. Happy Birthday ~ I hope you have a lovely day. I just need to go grab a cup of coffee to have with delicious slice of cake :-)
    Lena’s Creations

  10. Love the new look, its awesome! And happy birthday (in advance?)


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Em xxx